The most beautiful melody is created by a heartbeat. The sound from its depths inspired us to create a collection, which is sensual, and rich with an abundance of cuts, fabrics, and embellishments. Single details, just like notes, arranged together introduce a unique composition. Composition, whose melody will forever stay in our minds and hearts.


Dreams give life meaning. They are signposts, motivating decisions and ultimately building the future. When creating the Dream On collection, we thought of women who make their biggest dream come true on their wedding day. Of women who dare to celebrate love and happiness. Classic cuts were altered by unobvious fabrics; elegant lace complemented with bold embellishments; regular designs enriched with modernistic solutions. All of these enable the Dream On collection to portray the bride as an elegant, modern woman who dares to reach out for her dreams.

Kolekcja Flawless

Kolekcja Melody

Kolekcja Dream On

Najpiękniejszą melodię tworzy bicie serca. To właśnie z jego głębi wydobywa się dźwięk, który zainspirował nas do stworzenia zmysłowej kolekcji. Melody to różnorodność krojów, tkanin i zdobień, połączonych w spójną całość. Pojedyncze detale niczym nuty w odpowiednim zestawieniu składają się na wyjątkowe dźwięki, dając w efekcie niepowtarzalną melodię. Melodię, która na zawsze zostaje w pamięci i w sercu. 


Flawless Collection

Melody Collection

Dream On Collection

Maverie gowns are created for women who follow fashion, who are not afraid to cross the boundaries of tradition, and choose bold and modern designs. Our collections include tailor-made dresses that redefine wedding fashion, focusing on modern aesthetics, timeless elegance, innovative solutions and impeccable workmanship. Maverie designs are created for women who are ready to defy expectations and express their individuality.


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